Friday, 21 April 2017

Oops - Time Flies when you're having fun..

Time flies..  or Chronosquittos?
So it's been a little while since the last post...

This, however, is a new start.   I'll leave all the old stuff because it's pretty good reference material still and most of the links still work.

I hope to be doing more stuff to put on here. Obviously I have done some bits in the last four years too so I'll add some of that as I go.

The main technology changes in the last four years, I would guess, are to cost and batteries.  You can get a Raspberry Pi Zero W for £10 which vastly out-powers any £1000 PC that I had 15 years ago, and has WiFi built in, and you can get batteries that recharge in hours that will power a heavy duty hammer drill or lawn mower.  Oh, and 3D printers.  Those are a big thing now.

Tidying up some loose ends from old posts - I can sync my iPod again! I managed to re-incarnate it to a level where it will sync with my work macbook pro, but I've stuck to my word and not tried to update the OS, so it's still running an iOS version from, like, 1400BC or something, but it's perfect for playing bed time stories to our son, so that's cool.

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