Monday, 25 June 2012

Raspberry Pi - ordered

I have ordered a Raspberry Pi.

It would seem I have "up to 10 weeks" to get my brain (and workshop) in gear to think what I'm going to do with it.

Lots of cool basic ideas.  None of them have actually solidified into anything resembling a "plan" yet.


Update - 13/8/2012 - still no Pi.

I bid on one on eBay, but it eventually went for over £100, which considering it was a bog-standard one without even the O/S card, seems a bit crazy-insane.


Update #2 - 23/8/12 - Woohoo!!

"You have a shipment being sent from RS COMPONENTS LTD that is due to be despatched on 22/08/2012" Looks like it's on it's way!!


Update #3 - 04/09/12 - ARRIVED

It arrived..   I haven't done anything with it yet as have been too busy, but I have lots of plans.

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