Thursday, 22 March 2012

Dropbox, iOS and Time related problem!

So, I just tried to get a screenshot of Angry Birds Space telling me I couldn't install it because I needed iOS 4 on my iPod touch. Which I can't do easily for long, complex, stabby making reasons..

Anyway..  Tried to upload it to dropbox and it continually failed..   Which was odd.

I ended up unlinking the dropbox app on my ipod, and then relinking it. Only then did it tell me that it couldn't connect because my system clock was more than 10 days out of date.  (Due to a battery charge issue. Well, me not charging the battery for about 2 months, anyway)

Reset the date, tried dropbox again, and hey presto it works. Worth remembering.

The picture I was trying to transfer. Damn you old iPod. 

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