Monday, 17 December 2012

Linux, Command line email and config errors.

I've been battling trying to send a command line email from an Ubuntu system.   It all looked like it was going, and the mails were being queued to send, but nothing ever actually went anywhere.

Checking the /var/log/mail.err file I see

 postfix/sendmail[23197]: fatal: open /etc/postfix/ No such file or directory

(and a bunch of other similar ones) 

One quick google later, and it turns out that, even though it was a clean install of the mail program, the config files didn't get written out properly. 

To fix it, I did 

sudo dpkg-reconfigure postfix

Which runs the setup that ran when mail was originally installed.   

The PostFix Configuration Wizard!
(check out the 1990s ANSI styling)

That seems to have fixed the problem, and all the mail that was queued came through. 

One to remember - so I thought I'd chuck it on t'blog. 

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